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Recently, books published in the Western publishing market have shown great interest in religious matters, whether for Islam, Christianity or Judaism.
President ʿAbd al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī met with Mafḍal Sayf al-Dīn, the Sultan of the Indian Bohra community, on Thursday. The two sides emphasized the importance of dialogue among all nations and all various faiths and communities. The Sultan of Bohra announced his support for Egypt and donated 10...
Last April, Egypt celebrated the anniversary of the most prestigious Sunni Mosque in the world. Built during the Fatimid era, Jawhar al- Ṣiqillī (the Sicilian) ordered the construction of the mosque which was then inaugurated in 971 AD.
For the first time ever, a book discusses about the contributions of Christians to Arab culture. Why does the government ignore the Coptic age and the Christian contributions to the development of the culture?
  The novelist Yūsuf Zaydān continued his attack on Ṣalāḥ al-Dīn, after describing him as "the most despicable figure in history" during his dialogue with journalist ʿAmr Adīb.
  The journalist ʿAlī Yāsīn was not wrong when he described the Arabs’ entry into Egypt by ʿAmr ibn al-Āṣ as an occupation when he was answering the [following] question [posed to him] on the TV show Kalām Tānī on Dream TV: “How should history be written?"
On one of the many times Egyptian people took the streets shouting against the French Campaign in Egypt and Syria, side by side with the Turks and the Mamluks, one of the protesters shouted, “Kill the Nasāra (the Christians) and fight them!” Soon the masses followed, chanting and killing whoever...
Today, on Ramadan 7 of the Hijrah year 1438, prayers were held for the first time at Al-Azhar Mosque more than one thousand year ago. Being the first mosque established in the city of Cairo which was founded by Al-Mū`izz li-Dīn Allāh of the Fatimid Caliphate in the month of Ramadan of the Hijrah...
Yesterday I received the unexpected news that Ezzat al-Salamony (ʿIzzat al-Salāmunī) died ... back in August. He was a leader in al-Gama'a al-Islamiya (the Islamic Group), designated a terrorist entity by the United States. I was able to interview him a couple of times.


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