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Sāmī Ja‘far reports on a statement released by the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies about the legal cases against Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm.
Despite modifications to the press law, there are still cases of journalists who are threatened with imprisonment and articles in the law which restrict freedom of the press.
The U.S. plays an important role in the formation of Egyptian policy since the latter began receiving U.S. aid regardless of what the regime claims of its independence decision and sovereignty.
Many religious pages, especially in national newspapers, suffer from repetition and boredom which has led to an absence of creativity. They have become mere clichés that rarely present something new to the contemporary man.
The authors held an interview with the father of Muhammad al- Amīr ‘Atā who piloted one the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center. The father had previously refused to talk with any reporter.
The authors write about the recent violence related to the inability of many Christians to build churches in Egypt. They purport that these incidents could lead to more incidents if circumstances do not change in Copts’ favor soon.
The author writes about the differences between early and contemporary Muslim leaders in Egypt, regarding their views on the construction or renovation of Christian houses of worship. He highlights the statements of two prominent Egyptian religious men who are generally opposed to any new church...
Father Filop āt īr of the Virgin and Mar Marqus Church has said in an interview that the decision to suspend him from service was due to pressure from the security forces after he announced his opposition to President Mub ārak.
Around 4% of recent Coptic marriages have been deemed illegal. This high percentage is threatening the institution of marriage within the Church. The Church does not recognize these marriages either legally or spiritually.
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