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Magdy Malak reflects on the scope and power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and bemoans the lack of any real opposition parties that are able to compete with the ruling National Democratic Party.
Background: This Conference was held at the Ibn Khaldūn Center for Development Studies in the event of the second conference on minorities. Several speeches were given especially on the Coptic rights in Egypt and related to the Muslim Christian incident of 1996 in Kafr Dimyān (Delta) and the...
In both his presidential campaign and inaugural addresses, President Muhammad Mursī has assured the world of Egypt’s commitment to peace. Yet in the run-up to the final election on June 14, the Muslim Brotherhood published an Arabic article calling this commitment into question.
Mai Magdy and Esben Justesen worked on this paper on the controversial Islamist Zaghloul al-Najjār. 
Jayson Casper responds to two articles in this week's issue about reports of expatriate Copts' calls for Christians in Egypt to carry arms to defend themselves.
Sameh Fawzy's review of Jayson Casper's ZIVIC project paper (AWR2010 Week 2 Article 2)
On December 15-16, 2009 the Center for Arab West Understanding hosted a workshop entitled, “Balanced and Objective Reporting in Controversial Issues”. Our center has identified that a significant contributor to sectarian tension in Egypt is a media which is often either insufficiently professional...
This article reviews some Coptic thinkers’ answers to this question: Why does the government respond to the demands of expatriate Copts and ignore Copts inside Egypt?
The Center for Arab-West Understanding invites journalists from all over Egypt to attend a two day workshop entitled “Balanced and Objective Reporting in Controversial Issues”. Article Full Text: Egyptian journalists coming together from different parts of Egypt with members of the Center for Arab-...
Minister Zaqzūq has called on Muslims to visit the al-Aqsá mosque while for the first time ever an Israeli musician has performed in Cairo. Both events have raised fears about the normalization of relations with Israel.


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