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President ‘Abdul Fattaḥ al-Sīsī issued Decision No. 198 of 2019 on forming the Board of the Coptic Orthodox Endowments Authority (COEA) under the chairmanship of Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of the See of St. Mark.
The celebrations will begin on November 10th, and will last for a week until November 16th. Thousands of tents will be set up to welcome visitors who wish to stay overnight during the days of the anniversary of the birth [Mawlid]. Meetings are also held in the last week of October of each year to...
Anba Sarabamon al-Shāyeb, head of All Saints Monastery in the village of al-Ṭūd of Luxor, criticized priests who support the electoral campaigns of parliamentary candidates, stressing that all religious clerics should not be involved in politics.
Tuesday night was the last night of the Mār Girgis (Saint George) Day celebrations attended by thousands of people from all around Egypt. The event's attendees included the Qena Governor Dr. Majdī Ayyūb. The governor, who was received by Bishop Shārūbīm of Qena, delivered a speech about how the...
Pope Shenouda heads to Wādī Natrūn to celebrate the 57th anniversary of his monasticism.
The author reports on resolving a sectarian crisis resulted from a conflict over land in a village in Upper Egypt.
Pope Shenouda is still absent from Alexandria and the governor denies any conflicts with him.
In Egypt a popular level of religion exists whereby celebrations of the Virgin Mary have had both Muslim and Christian participants.
The author discusses the tradition of cooking the Chrism Oil in the desert monastery of Anba Bishoi.
The re-allocation by the local governorate of a parcel of land purchased by the St. Marina Church has caused much controversy. This article discusses the details of the reallocation, as well as efforts by Coptic protesters to stop government construction of a road on this piece of land.


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