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As talk increases of the possible collapse of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in light of recently emerged developments, the spotlight has begun to focus on the ‘Muslim Sisters’. A former Muslim Brotherhood leader describes them as “fiercer” than their male counterpoints, and experts consider them...
Al-Dawākhilī reflects on the courageous attitudes stance adopted by the parliamentary deputy, Georgette Qillīnī.
Dr. Tharwat Basīlī resigns from his position as deputy of the Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Al-Dawakhīlī critiques the Coptic lawyer Najīb Jibrā’īl who is involved in a number of court cases both in Egypt and abroad.
The Sultan Monastery is considered the most valuable Coptic Orthodox Church property in Palestine. Israel gave it to the Ethiopian Church.
Al-Dawākhilī talks about the close relationship between Tharwat Bāsīlī and the church thanks to his post as Undersecretary of the Community Council of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He also describes the function of the Community Council.
The following lines shed light on this week’s Wednesday sermon of Pope Shenouda III.
Pope Shenouda has different ways of reacting to conflicts. However, the author claims that he can always get what he wants.
For the seventh time in a row, Pope Shenouda III was absent from his weekly sermon in Alexandria. Tense relationships with the governor are said to be behind the absence.
Bishop Bishūy seeks political power and supports Jamāl Mubārak.


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