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Spokesman of the Coptic Orthodox Church, Rev. Būlus Ḥalīm, published a new collection of photos of Bishop Gabriel, Bishop of Banī Suwayf for the Coptic Orthodox, during his presidency of the ordination of five new priests to serve in the cities and villages of the diocese.
In a step first of its kind, Qena's archbishop welcomed a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood yesterday evening (April 3, 2011). Several priests and Copts living in the area welcomed them as well.
Al-Ahrām on page 1, March 25,2011,  reports about salafist extremists having applied hadd on a citizen in Qena by cutting off his ear, burning his car and apartment, after accusing him of adultery with a girl of bad reputation who rented  an apartment from him.  
Bishop Bīshūy announces that Pope Shenouda III will return to meet the Coptic public in Alexandria.
A new pope’s deputy is assigned in Alexandria, and Pope Shenouda is still absent from his supposed weekly sermons there.
Pope Shenouda defrocks his deputy in Alexandria. The community council refuses the term “defrock” and calls the decision a “normal procedure.”
Pope Shenouda is still absent from Alexandria and the governor denies any conflicts with him.
Clergymen and governors of the different Egyptian governorates discuss inter-religious cordial relations.
An anonymous author alleged that there is a state of conflict between the church represented in the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī and the governor of Qinā, the Upper Egyptian governorate. The following day al-Wafd published a response from the bishop in which he denied any conflict and describes the...
The story discusses a street fight between Muslim and Christian men in Alexandria which has resulted in 25 men being detained.


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