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Copts of the southern city of Assiut have sent a letter to the president complaining about the promotion of a sectarian figure of the ruling National Democratic Party, Muhammad ‘Abd al-Muhsin Sālih, who has been accused of proselytizing a number of Christian families.
Dr. Safwat al-Bayyādī, the head of the Community Council of the Evangelical Church in Egypt expresses in an interview with Sawt al-Ummah his refusal to recognize dissident Butrus Filtā’ūs, refuting the latter’s allegations and denying all accusations about the Evangelical Church’s involvement in...
A Coptic researcher has filed a lawsuit calling for Muslim judges to be prevented from examining Copts’ personal status cases.
Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī has filed a complaint to the general prosecutor’s office against an Evangelical church’s monthly magazine, accusing it of offending Islam and Muslims.
A number of Coptic Orthodox clergymen complained to Pope Shenouda asking for former Bishop Mīt’as to be reinstated. They also revealed what they called Bishop Bīshūy’s fallacies and allegations.
Dr. Hasanayn Kushk conducted a study that revealed the increasing number of Christian prisoners in Egyptian prisons. The study presents numbers and percentages and discusses the possible reasons behind them.
Shīrīn Rabī‘ reviews a book entitled, ’Anbā Maximus wa-Rū’yah Jadīdah li-al-Islāh’ [Bishop Maximus and a new Vision of Reform], believing that the book opens fire on Pope Shenouda and refutes his thoughts.
Shīrīn Rabīc presents the response of Coptic Orthodox men of religion to Abū Islām Ahmad ‘Abd Allāh’s charges, who accused the church of leading waves of missions that target Muslim youth and try to Christianize them.
The article bears responses of leaders of the Evangelical Church to accusations made by a Muslim believed to have temporarily converted to Christianity, in which he said he was baptized by Safwat al-Bayyāḍī at his office.
Dr. Zaghlūl al-Najjār accuses Coptic Orthodox clergymen of forcing Muslims to convert and declares that the Bible was distorted. The Coptic Orthodox Church responded denouncing Zaghlūl’s allegations.


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