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Dr. Āmna Naṣīr, professor of Islamic Faith and Philosophy at al-Azhar University and member of Egypt’s Parliament, called for granting women half their husbands’ wealth when they are divorced.
In March 2007, a referendum changed several articles of the Egyptian Constitution.
In her speech during the Islamic Thinking Forum, Su'ād Sālih, professor of comparative fiqh at the Azhar University, criticized the state of weakness the Islamic nation has reached. Sālih told al-Misrī al-Yawm that she does not regret joining al-Wafd Party.
The author says the "misguided Fatwá issued by Dr. Ahmad ‘Abd al-‘Azīz, the Muftī of Dubai, permitting men to use powder and lipstick can only be described as a homosexual Fatwá that departs from the true Muslim faith." The Azhar, for its part, has denounced this type of Fatwá, whereas some have...
This article deals with the problem of Muslims electing Coptic Christian presidents and officials.
A Christian mother and Muslim convert father, now separated, fight for the custody of their 13 year-old twins. The father wins the battle even though Egyptian law states that children under the age of 15 should stay with their mother, regardless of religion. The twins state that they are Christian...
Muslim scholars have debated a recent Bahā’ī conference that was held in Egypt.
Īmān Kāmil reports on the dispute that has erupted between Muslim scholars over the permissibility of divorce via SMS or e-mail.
A fatwá on the legality of divorce by SMS generates criticism and raises questions over the necessity of declaring it publicly.
In the continuing verbal onslaught between Shaykh Yūsuf al-Badrī and Dr. Suād Sālah, al-Badrī has submitted a complaint to the shaykh of the Azhar and claims that the shaykh has promised to investigate the issue.


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