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An Israeli touristic brochure has claimed that the ancient Egyptian civilization is just Jewish doings and urged Israelis to visit Egypt to see their great ancestors handcraft.
The article reports on the April 6 protest of workers of the industrial city of al-Mahallah al-Kubrá over the increase of prices.
The article reviews features of celebrations of Egyptian Christians for the occasion of Easter.
In the article, a new legislation prevents marriage before the age of 18 and allows mothers to call their babies by their own names has stirred huge controversy on the religious level.
The article presents fears over the performance of the press.
The article reviews recent sentences that key members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement have received that reflect the ongoing security drive over the group.
The article reports on a decision of the Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy that prevents Christian or Jewish wives, as well as children of a Muslim man, from receiving inheritance from him after his death.
The article shows how translation is important to bridging the current gap between civilizations.
Drs. Hulsman updates readers on recent developments involving the Monastery of Abu Fana. He further points to article 3, which highlights a lack in the flow of information throughout Arab countries.
The article reviews clashes that took place between security forces and protesters of the city of al-Mahallah al-Kubrá on April 6 and 7.


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