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"The West, its politicians and missionaries regard the Islamic world as one entity and, in dealing with Muslims, do not forget that they make up one social unit. But in the meantime, the West does not want us to feel united." Thus wrote Islamic scholar Tarek El-Bishri in the introduction to Ummati...
Dr. Fawzy Stefanos is one of Egypt’s prominent scientists abroad, with a distinctive reputation in the field of anesthesia and heart surgery, who founded the St. Marqos’s Foundation for the Study of Coptic History. He speaks about his views on how Coptic concerns in Egypt can be resolved.
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
The author wonders who will succeed sheik Sha’arawi. Who could take over his role as spiritual leader.


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