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We often hear about the radical statements and fatwás of Muslims and about uncompromising Christian or secular activists who can appeal to populist sentiments and mistrust of the ‘other’.
Ṭāriq Mitrī talks about many issues that occupy the public in Lebanon including Fath al-Islām organization, Palestinian refugees of Nahr al-Bārid, and the U.S. military assistance to Lebanon.
The murder of Lebanese minister Pierre Gemayel might result in sectarian clashes again. Commotion in Egyptian media about comments from the Minister of Culture who said that wearing the veil is a sign of backwardness.
The importance and ideas of CIDT. New Coptic Catholic Patriarch Bishop Antonius Najīb will continue recommending AWR work. Rev. Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo, founder and director of the Barnabas Fund, on Islam which differs from AWR that advocates an understanding of Islam that is non-confrontational and...
Dr. Tarek Mitri, from the World Council of Churches, wrote a letter to the editor as a response to a letter about plans to expand the work of the RNSAW to more subjects and countries. He expressed his appreciation for the RNSAW’s good work and his pleasure to hear that there are plans to cover new...
The violent contact between the East and the West contributed to the sophisticated ideological attitude towards Islam adopted by the West a long time ago. That is why Western speech about Islam is not limited to writings and theories. It is used to justify Western predominance over the East.
Dr. Tarek Mitri speaks about the Islamic-Christian dialogue after September 11 and about the effect of the concept of “the clash among religions” on the course of the dialogue. He explains why calls for dialogue usually come from Christian institutions and how Arab Christians can defend the Arab-...
"We plead with you as Christian leaders, who are concerned about both Palestinians and Israelis and with the future of their children, to help both sides equally implement peace and justice."
As the latest wave of anti-Israel protesters poured into the streets of capitals across the Arab world, observers are saying that a backlash against the Arab regimes themselves is closer than ever before
It was a sight sickening to hundreds of millions of Christians and the source of outrage among senior clerics across the world. A tower of smoke uncoiled high above the rooftops of Bethlehem yesterday, testimony to a fire burning by the church marking the place of Christ´s birth.


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