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al-Sayyid Yāsīn discusses the impact of what he calls the ‘jurisprudence of backwardness’ on the features of every-day life of Islamic societies. He believes that the impact of such narrow-mindedness in applying the Islamic Sharī‘ah affected almost all socio-political, economic and cultural aspects...
This file is about the Muslim Brotherhood. It contains a number of articles on the Brotherhood that discuss the future awaiting them, the problems of transforming into a party, changes within the group and other issues.
Dr. Mohammed Selim Al-Awa is an Islamic thinker and well-known law professor. In this continuation article of an interview of him he expresses his opinions on Shura and democracy, Khilafa (the Caliphate), different schools of Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and the issue of non-Muslim minorities in...
A televised debate between General Fouad Allam, the former vice director of the State Security and Dr. Tawfiq Al Shawi, a member of the founding committee of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The supreme guide of the Brotherhood remembers the founder’s definition of this organization.
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