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Hours after Washington classified the “Ḥasm” Movement in Egypt and the “Wilāyat Sīnāʾ” Organization, which is affiliated with ISIS, as foreign terrorist organizations, the American State Department announced placing Egyptians Yaḥyā al-Sayyid Ibrāhīm Mūsā and ʿAlāʾ ʿAlī Muḥammad al-Samāḥī on the...
On August 14, 2013, the Egyptian government broke up the Rābiʿa and al-Nahḍa sit-ins after roughly six weeks since deposing the Muslim Brotherhood from power.  Afterwards, several of those participating in the sit-ins fled to Turkey. 
Summary: The Arab-European Forum for Dialogue and Human Rights, a rights group based in Geneva, has filed a complaint with the Complaint Processing Committee of the OHCHR in Geneva against Qatar because of its “support for and funding of terrorist groups.” The organization filed the complaint...
Councilor Hishām Barakāt, the Public Prosecutor, announced yesterday the preliminary results of the investigations carried out by the prosecution in the acts of violence that took place in ‘Ain Shams, Cairo March 29th where masked armed men, joined by  protestors of the Muslim Brotherhood, started...
The Attorney General, Council Hishām Barakāt, has referred twenty members of the terrorist group Ajnād Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) for an immediate criminal trial, accused of killing police officers, citizens, and damaging public and private property and possessions.
The prosecutor general, Counselor Hisham Barakat, has referred 170 defendants from al- Dabūdiyah and Banī- Hilāl tribes to the criminal court. 
Prosecutor General Hishām Barakāt decided to start the procedures to appeal the Minya Criminal Court ruling issued yesterday in the violence in al- ‘AdawahCity, Minya. 
Counselor Hishām Barakat, the prosecutor general, has referred 13 defendants accused of taking part in the sexual harassment case in Tahrīr, to the Criminal Court. 
Security forces in Libya have arrested the Egyptian terrorist Hishām ʿAshmāwī  in the eastern city of Darnah.
On Sunday, the Military Court in Assiūt postponed the trial of 143 defendants from the Muslim Brotherhood for the burning of the courthouse in Beni Mazar and Deir Mawās in Minya, until the 27th of November in order to complete the defense case.


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