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The popular image of Salafī Muslims in Egypt is of a lower-class, older generation, perhaps limited in educational achievement. This is not their fault, many might patronizingly sympathize, as President Mubarak is blamed for letting the school system rot to keep the population ignorant, poor, and...
In October 2012 Arab-West Report organized for the Dutch political parties VVD (liberal) and CDA (Christian Democrat) a visit of representatives of five Egyptian political parties to The Netherlands in the context of the MATRA South Programme of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs that is...
This meeting took place in one of the buildings belonging to the Presidential palace on December 10, 2012, only days before the referendum on December 15. Part of the area around the presidential palace was closed by the military and only could get in after Cornelis Hulsman had told an officer that...
This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
Lamīs Yahyá is an Egyptian student living in Germany who is supporting the Egyptian 
student movement for democratization in Egypt. She earlier wrote the investigative report
on the conflict around the building of a Coptic Orthodox Church in Marīnāb, September 30,


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