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Due to the pervasive media reporting both inside Egypt and in the international community, the violent incidents of May 31, 2008 at the Abu Fana Monastery is widely viewed as a sectarian confli
Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III has received a report he requested upon his return from the United States on the crisis of Kāmīliyā Shihātah and how Bishop Aghabius managed it. A source from the Holy Synod stressed that Pope Shenouda has ordered that Kāmīliyā would not appear on the media while a...
Bishop Aghabius of Dayr Mawās comments on the location of Kāmīliyah Shihātah, the wife of the priest Tidawous.    
In recent years the tensions between Christians and Muslims in Egypt have increased. In many cases Christians have been victims of violence. Is there any chance that religions can live together peacefully in the land of Nile? This is the question that Cornelis Hulsman sought to answer in his paper...
Cornelis Hulsman explains the events leading up to the September 9 celebration to mark the end of the Abū Fānā tensions. Hulsman was invited to attend by ‘Alā’ Hassānayn but eventually had to refuse the invitation because the reconciliation did not involve all the necessary parties.
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