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Bishop Dimitrius of Mallawī and al-Ashmūnīn, al-Minya Governorate, has called on Bishop Pachomius, Coptic Orthodox Acting Patriarch not to permit the candidacy of Bishops for the position of patriarch and to restrict the candidacies to monks “so that spiritual and church laws not be broken.”
Pope Dimitriyūs, Bishop of Malāwī and Dean of the Coptic Language in Egypt, translated the article of Pope Tawādrūs II of Alexandria into the Coptic language, in the latest edition of al-Kirāzah magazine. The article is about the journey of the Holy Family to Egypt and about Jesus’ blessing of the...
In commemoration of the Holy Family's Flight into Egypt, Bishop Dimitriōs of the Upper-Egyptian Diocese of Malāwī said that two Christian festivities are considered a national holiday and are celebrated by both Muslim and Christian Egyptians, namely the day the Holy Family entered Egypt, fleing...
This report by Arab-West Report explains the context of the massive destruction of churches and Christian institutions in Egypt in August 2013.
Sāmih Fawzī discusses Egypt’s emigration problem, the need for greater transparency and Coptic expatriates. He also calls on Christians to be active players in Egyptian society andbelieves that in the modern age socio-economic factors are more of a uniting force than religion.
In an interview with Gerrit Roos of Reformatorisch Dagblad and Cornelis Hulsman, Bishop Marqus highlights the problems facing Christians in Egypt today. These problems include issues such as church building, conversion, the Egyptian education system and the emigration of Christians abroad.
In recent years the tensions between Christians and Muslims in Egypt have increased. In many cases Christians have been victims of violence. Is there any chance that religions can live together peacefully in the land of Nile? This is the question that Cornelis Hulsman sought to answer in his paper...
In Egypt a popular level of religion exists whereby celebrations of the Virgin Mary have had both Muslim and Christian participants.


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