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In the recent gubernatorial reshuffle, two Copts were appointed as governors for the first time ever with Dr. Manāl Mikhāʾīl in Damietta and Dr. Kamāl Shārūbīm in Daqahlīya, a move commended by the Coptic circles and considered as a step on the road to citizenship.
Karīm Kamāl, President of the ‘General Union of Copts for the Homeland’, has called on Egyptian churches to halt construction of new churches, service buildings and summer camps, and to use the construction funds instead to help middle- and low-income families. Kamāl stressed that restoration works...
Karīm Kamāl, president of the General Union of Copts for the Homeland, condemned the incident of al-Rawda Mosque in al-`Arīsh, saying “this incident comes as part of a series of incidents that want to target Egypt.”
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