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The government is now considering the law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) no. 84 of the year 2002 in a bid to preclude any penetration through its gaps in the future, according to a senior Egyptian official.
Tension built up between Cairo and Washington after some U.S. activists and officials in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were referred to trial in Egypt as the Egyptian military delegation abruptly ended a visit to the U.S. is scheduled to return to Cairo today (Feb. 8).
Former Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Fāyzah Abū al-Najā, witnessed before the Cairo Criminal Court yesterday September 9, 2012 in the case of foreign funds. She said that the United States of America deliberatly did not inform the Egyptian government about funding unlicensed...
Table of Contents I. Introduction: Complications II. Egyptian Media Reporting III. Experiences of the Center for Arab-West Understanding (CAWU) IV. NGO Registration: The U.S. Model
The article provides an overview of the quota assigned to women in Egypt’s People’s Assembly, and a brief history of women’s participation in the political scene in the country.
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