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One of late President Anwar al-Sadāt's assassins, 'Abūd al-Zumur, has just been released after serving thirty years in jail, and he has given several interviews. Al-Zumur does not deny that any Muslim will meet a tragic end like Sadāt's if he/she digresses from the 'right path of Islam'....
The author discusses the importance of language, particularly as it relates to the mis-communication that can often happen when languages are being translated due to cultural differences that may not necessarily hold true across cultures and languages.
The author criticizes the Islamic Research Academy’s statement regarding the movie entitled, ’al-Sādāt’.
This week’s editorial reviews the report published by al-‘Utayfī in 1972 following the al-Khankah sectarian eventsand comments on whether any of the report’s recommendations were carried out.


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