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A court in Haarlem city has punished three youths for attempting to burn down a mosque in 2004.
In the wake of the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a suspected Islamic fundamentalist who has dual Moroccan and Dutch nationality at the beginning of last November, a group of Dutch Muslims and Jews are making endeavors to continue dialogue and bridge the gap between the two sides. - See art...
A Dutch lawyer representing Muslims in the Netherlands has taken legal actions to stop making part II of the controversial movie ?Submission,” which harshly criticizes, in part I, the position of women in Muslim communities.
The murder of the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, a grandnephew of the famous Dutch painter [Vincent van Gogh,] by a Muslim extremist has increased terror fears in Western and European communities where a large number of Muslims live. Everyone knows that such assassination was the spark that set off...
The murder of 47-year-old Dutch director Theo Van Gogh in Amsterdam by Muhammad Bouyeri, a young Muslim of Moroccan descent, sparked a wave of violence and tensions against Muslims.  
Two people were arrested following a 14-hour anti-terror operation by Dutch police forces, ending a standoff with suspected Islamic terrorists that lasted all day in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Three police officers were wounded during the raid by a grenade hurled by the suspects. Moreover, the...
Who won the battle, those who sought to modernize Islam, or the militants? The author discusses integrating Islam into society in the West, and questions which cultural community will be forced to sacrifice values for the sake of integration.
The present clash between Europe and the Islamic World is the result of a history of events.
Another group of Muslims are arrested in Holland and accused of recruiting Muslim youth for jihād.
Egyptian journalists met with Danish officials and journalists and members of the Muslim community in Denmark to try to bridge up the gap that widened after offences against Islām.


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