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The author asserts that Islam and Muslims are the enemy created by some western circles, but Muslims are contributing to make the western “imaginary” come true. He also notes that the war against those who insult Islam has also targeted some Arab intellectuals.
The author discusses serious threats to freedom of expression.
Next January, an Amsterdam Court will begin a retrial of the members of the Capital Cell terrorism organization, accused of terrorist activities and the murder of director Theo Van Gogh.
This article discusses the possibility of terrorist attacks on German soil.
According to the author, Muslim communities in The Netherlands struggle to integrate into their adopted home while still maintaining their own religious identity.
The report examines the definitions of polemics, the differing views of what constitutes polemics, including the Danish cartoons and the play in Alexandria which led to sectarian violence, Mīzān al-Haqq, a 19th century Christian polemical book against Islam and the Gospel of Barnabas, which is the...
Analysis of the Denmark cartoons issue by Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh, expert of linguistics of negotiation and cross-cultural communication at the Azhar University and moderator of the April 15, 2006 discussion at El-Sawy Culture Wheel on ‘Freedom of expression and respect for the other. How to...
Douglas Murray warns that Europe should beware, since Islamists in the Netherlands are succeeding in intimidating and silencing critics.
This writer, with a non-Western background, writes in strong support of Western values, especially freedom of expression in light of the Danish cartoon crisis, and condemns multiple aspects of the Islamic society as being inferior.
The Court of Amsterdam has sentenced Muhammad Bouyari, the 27-year-old son of Moroccan immigrants, to life imprisonment after he was found guilty of murdering Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh.


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