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In an exclusive statement to al-Dustūr, spokesman of the Coptic Catholic Church, Father Hānī Bākhūm, announced that the Egyptian Council of Churches (ECC) scheduled a week of prayer for unity is to start on Monday, February 18 – 25 public and official unity of the Catholic Church in Egypt.
In his statement disclosed during an aired interview on Extra News, Patriarch of The Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria And Whole Africa, Patriarch Theodor (Theodoros) II said that the Coptic Church of Egypt is the closest to the Greek, praising the Coptic Orthodox Pope and Patriarch Tawāḍrūs’...
The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria celebrated the birthday of Pope Theodoros II yesterday. The Pope praised President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak and the Egyptian government for helping the Greek Orthodox in Egypt. Various priests and bishops of the Church praised the Patriarch for attracting...
This article details the formalities of the meeting between three heads of Orthodox Churches, the Coptic Orthodox patriarch Pope Shenouda III, His Beatitude Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and His Beatitude Theodoros II, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa.
In 1990 the Greek Orthodox Church decided to sell its church in Rosetta however ever since the Muslim buyer tried to tear down the historic building there have been tensions over who owns the land and building. On September 19, a group of men broke into the church and caused severe damage.
The author reports on a scientific agreement between a UAE center and the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria for preservation processes of church manuscripts.
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