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The author wonders why not criticize the Christian or the Jewish religious discourse as Islamic religious discourse is criticized. Picking verses from the Torah, he argued that the Jewish religious discourse supports the concept of ethnic cleansing and looks down upon women. He referred to the...
An overview of the life and beliefs of St. Thomas Aquinas.
The Dominican order affected Father George Qanawati and his efforts in the field of inter-religious dialogue. He was a prominent philosopher who defended Islam and other religions. He was able to enter history through his belief that dialogue between religions and cultures is necessary.
The sexual misconduct of some Catholic priests brought to the surface the issue of marriage and celibacy in Christianity. St. Paul advocated celibacy and virginity because of his belief in the coming of Jesus Christ, which needs man to be free from this world. It was also believed that sex keeps...
Lecture about the unity of God from a Christian perspective, an attempt to explain the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity to Muslims.
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