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Besides the large number of anti-terrorism laws currently in the process of being issued by European prime ministers, Tony Blair’s government is trying to integrate Muslims into British society, in an attempt to avoid their isolation and marginalization.
In the face of the fierce international terrorist attacks, governments have no choice but to take serious security measures.
Estimating how many potential terrorists reside in one’s country is a highly inexact business, but there’s a striking correlation between a British government report recently leaked to London’s Times a new opinion survey commissioned by the Daily Telegraph. Drawing on unidentified "intelligence,"...
Bosnia’s Muslims, who are of European origin, were brutally murdered in genocide massacres by Serbs. If such torture can befall a European - but Muslim - group, what happened to Asian and Arab Muslims who came into Europe over the last century?
Muslims living in western communities need a policy that guarantees their social integration, especially now that racial and religious diversity are to be part of the fabric of Europe in the future. However, Muslims are aware that they are not welcome in societies that are rife with racism and...
In the aftermath of the London blasts and the murder of the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq, Dr. Ihāb al-Sharīf, we need to take positive steps to guarantee that no more terrorist attacks will occur.
"We know these people act in the name of Islam but we also know the vast and overwhelming majority of Muslims here and abroad are decent and law-abiding people who abhor this act of terrorism"[http://www.guardian.co.uk/terrorism/story/0,12780,1523867,00.html], said Tony Blair in his statement...
The London bombings brought back phrases like “Arab Terrorism” and “Islamic Terrorism” to the International arena. The message was obviously directed at the Arab and Islamic world, even though Toni Blair’s speech and the address from the UN Security Council did not say that explicitly.
There are many voices in the West oposing enmity to Islam, some of whom are politicians, intellectuals and clerics as well as citizens who got acquainted with the values and precepts of a conviction that addresses the mind.
The conference which fundamentalists in Britain organized in London witnessed many clashes that resulted in detaining six members of the extremist National British Front. The head of the Al-Muhagerun [emigrants] group, called Queen Elizabeth and Toni Blair to convert to Islam.


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