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Omar Bakri, leader of London-based Al-Muhajjerin [emigrants] group, says that US soldiers in Iraq are legal targets for the mujahideen who want to attack US-British forces.
The author reports the argument concerning the subject of the movie Spooks. The film discusses the story of recruiting suicide-fundamentalists in one of the mosques of Birmingham. It presents a false image of Muslims and Islam in Britain. Thus it provokes the anger of Muslims.
In the wake of the London bombings, Britain has become aware of Muslim fundamentalists living within its borders, realizing, for the first time, the threat they pose to the British national security.
The article examines the scandalous way in which extremists have managed to present themselves as representatives of Islam, a religion embraced by millions of people. It states that is a shame that people like Bakrī, Abu Qatāda and Abu Hamza al-Masrī appear on television everyday claiming to be...
Terrorism usually comes like a bolt from the blue, but not so the explosions in London. Some British Islamist leaders have been warning for months that such violence was imminent.
The conference which fundamentalists in Britain organized in London witnessed many clashes that resulted in detaining six members of the extremist National British Front. The head of the Al-Muhagerun [emigrants] group, called Queen Elizabeth and Toni Blair to convert to Islam.
British journalists boycotted a press conference held by Islamic extremists in London as organizers imposed a 30-pound sterling entrance bill. Islamist Omar Bakri said if any of the journalist announces his Islam, he is welcomed for free.
Rose Al-Youssef´s special file for this week covers many different subjects: Terrorists and Islamists living in Britain, Sheikh Amr Khaled´s way of preaching, Islam and politics, the role men of religion can play to build up societies and the issue of hijab in Islam.
Four men, suspected of leading fundamentalist movements in Britain have been deported after they went to the Lebanese capital, Beirut, to visit former leader of the Muhājiroun [immigrants] movement, Shaykh ‘Umar Bakrī.
In the aftermath of London bombings, several European countries have adopted tough new anti-terrorist legislation that the author argues restricts Muslims’ freedom.


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