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Islamophobia vs. Westophobia; two postmodern terms. The article presents Muslims’ points of view toward the issue. Dialogue and moderation seem to be the key issues for eliminating the two terms used by fundamentalists on both sides, as most of the people in the following text explained.
Hamzah sheds light on what she believes to be the “provocative” stances and declarations in Pope Benedict XVI’s latest “historic” visit to the U.S. She also writes about “the mutual interest” between the Vatican and the U.S. president and the mutual message of Christianity and Judaism in the world.
The article analyzes the reverberations of the republication of a blasphemous caricature of the Prophet Muhammad by many Danish and European newspapers.
al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah and al-Jihād have major structural differences; however, they are both engaged in revisions that will stop the groups’ from using violence in their political activity. al-Qā‘idah fears the influence of the introspections on its members.
In this article the author discusses Islamic Organizations in the West’s use of some defensive terms such as "Islamophobia" and "Islamic Horror" in opposition to "Islamic Terrorism", the term used by the West to describe terrorist attacks. He points out that such terms ferment hatred against the...
The authors comment on offending the Christ on the plea for freedom of expression and arts. They compare between the world’s reaction concerning offending the Christ and its reaction regarding offending the Prophet Muhammad.
The article considers to what extent political Islam movements have influenced religious intolerance.
The author discusses the background, aims, and plans of so-called International Islamism. He comments on what he believes to be the three trends that make up International Islamism, and the main platforms that they rely on.
The author discusses the increasing trend of radical Islam. He comments on how it is in actuality doing more damage to the Arab world than it is helping it.
Salman Rushdie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The bestowal sparked protests in the Muslim world and revived the Muslim wrath over his controversial book entitled, “The Satanic Verses,” and the writer himself.


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