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An overview of the Secular Islam Summit held in the United States. The conference featured a number of speakers who supported reform within Islam as a religion and Muslim countries.
In her speech at the European Parliament in Brussels, Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī strongly denied having fled from Egypt due to societal pressure following the release of her new play ‘The Lord Resigns in a Summit.’
Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt, the author, talks about reasons and targets of violence-based Islamic movements in the Islamic world.
The article says that fundamentalist lawyer Muntaṣir al-Zayyāt has launched a website to spread his fundamentalist concepts.
In its recent book “Islam and the challenges of the 21st century,” the Gama?a Islāmīyah critiques the theory that confrontation should take place between Muslims and Christians, and East and the West. The Gama?a responded to those propagating this theory and asked Muslims not to consider any human...
The war on Iraq has ended. However, the role religion plays in it is still questioned. Some authors believe it cannot be viewed outside a religious framework and others warn against the danger of associating it with religion.
The article sheds light on Islamic banks and investment of capital companies. They have a religious appearance and a commercial nature. It also comments on the relations between Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood.
The editor-in-chief of al-Mussawar met with the imprisoned leaders of the Gama?at al-Islāmīyah. The meeting focused on the initiative to stop violence, its motives and the ideological revisions carried out by the group. The leaders apologized to the Egyptian people for the crimes they committed...
“Democrats in London are paying for fanatics in Arabia to indoctrinate children in Pakistan, and a thousand other places, and - yes - right back at us, at the end of the District line,” explains Hari. The article argues that curricula funded by oil dollars from Saudi Arabia teach children racialism...
In his three articles, ‘Abd al-Khāliq stresses the anti-Islamic strategy of the United States and highlights the role of the American Democratic Party to mend the deformed picture of the U.S. in its two sided foreign strategy.


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