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Hala Sidqī, a Coptic actress who got divorced after filing a khul‘ lawsuit against her ex-husband, comments on the court ruling requiring the church to give Christian divorcees permission to re-marry.
The article is an interview with Sheikh Dr. Sabry Abdel Ra’ouf over his fatwa which judges women who took off their veil [hijab] as apostates. He states that women who publicly declare that hijab is not an Islamic obligation are apostates.
Some Islamic scholars believe the Arabic language to be the language of the people of paradise. They support this opinion by one of the Prophet’s hadiths, which is note proved to be a true hadith.
The Islamic Research Institute rejected Prof. Abdel-Mo’ti Bayoumi’s fatwa that allows a woman to host a zygote of a couple not capable of having children. Many scholars regard the host mother to be an adulteress.
His Honor, the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Nasr Farid Wasel, settled the case of the logo of Coca Cola, affirming that it is not blasphemous to Islam.
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