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Al-Fatāh reports on a lecturer at Cairo University who approves of breaking away from parts of traditional Egyptian culture, and who wants more creativity to be permitted in contemporary works, implying that for these reasons, the lecturer was not promoted.
The article covers the speeches given by Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid and Dr. Hassan Hanafy, philosophy professor, in a seminar titled “Criticism in Philosophy and Social Ideology" held as part of the activities of the conference of the Philosophical Association.
The author criticizes Dr. Muhammad Emara and his research about a book by Dr. Nasr Hamid Abu Zeid titled “Al-Khetab Wa Al-Ta´weel” [Discourse and Interpretation]. Emara stressed that the book should not be circulated because it doubts two of the principles of Islam. Dr. Abu Zeid sent an e-mail...
The writer criticizes a decision issued by the Islamic Research Institute to ban a book of Dr. Nasr Abu Zeid, titled “Al-Khittab Wa Al-Ta’weel” [Discourse and Interpretation]. The writer believes that the opinion of the Azhar should be consultative and fatwas of its sheikhs should neither be...
The writers comment on a new phenomenon of Christian youth. It was noticeable that most of their cars have the symbol of a fish. The writers try to find out the meaning and reason behind this symbol, which they believe threatens national unity.
The writer comments on the return of Nasr Abu Zeid from a seven-year exile in The Netherlands. He provides us with some information concerning the background of Dr. Abu Zeid, and the crisis he faced, resulting in leaving Egypt.
With many photos for veiled actresses and belly dancers, modern preachers and politicians involved in scandals, the author discusses the relation between art and morality and politics and morality.
The story, published in Sawt Al-Umma’s centerpiece, is about an Italian woman of the name Maria Sandro, one of the prettiest girls of the district of Shubra during the 1930’s. She, after the elapse of half a century, has become the grandmother of an adolescent named Karim Safwan.
The article tackles more than one point related to the Islamic groups. It comments on the book of Ayman Al-Zawahri “Knights Under the Flag of the Prophet” and on Montasser Al-Zayyat´s “Al-Zawahri as I knew him.” It tries to answer the question of why Bin Laden gained great popularity among...
The author, in a 16-page supplement of independent newspaper al-Fajr, is reviewing a book by writer Jonathan Kirsch about the story of Lot and his two daughters.


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