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Nasr Abu Zaid didn’t feel vengeance despite the fact that Abd el-Sabour Shahin apostatized him from the pulpit of a mosque. He defends Shahin’s freedom of thought." He who asks a person to repent is the one who should repent because he places himself in the position of God and the prophet." Abu...
Wa’il El-Ibrashi explains in this article the thoughts of Dr. Abdel Shahin who wrote a book on Adam who was born from a father and a mother and not from clay as the Qur’an teaches. Dr. Shahin’s book has been attacked by sheikh Morgan from Saudi Arabia.
Sheikh Yousef el-Badri asked his former colleague Dr. Abdel Sabour Shahin to repent over a book he wrote about Adam. If Shahin doesn’t repent, Badri will bring him before court and ask the judge to divorce Shahin from his wife such as the two sheikhs did together with Dr. Nasr Abu Zaid a few years...
Are the explosions which took place at the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam a message from Ayman Al-Zuahri to Clinton?
Sheik Omar Al-Bakry, the leader of the immigrant extremist movement, sees the Internet as venue through which to execute field operations and military operations.
Egyptian Muslim extremists prevented prayers for the famous Syrian poet Nizar Kabbani, whom they consider an infidel in the Regent Park Mosque in London.


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