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Minister of Culture Ḥilmī al-Namnam expressed his happiness for attending the discussion of the book al-Ṭarīq ilā dāʿish [The Road to ISIS] in the Rose al-Yūsuf Foundation, one of the beacons of freedom [of expression].
Robert al Faris reviews the Cairo press this month and picks up on the coverage of Marwa al-Shirbini’s killing in Germany.
Lutfī responds to Fahmī Huwaydī’s allegations about veiled women being offended and targeted by Rose al-Yūsuf and by the government and civil workplaces. He also fiercely criticizes Huwaydī and his misleading approach toward the subject.
The issue of rising sectarian tensions in Egypt is something that must be addressed directly and not shied away from, writes Hulsman in this week’s editorial.
The author accuses Egyptian preacher ‘Amr Khālid of lying when he claimed that he comes from a wealthy family in order to justify the multi-million dollar wealth that he has amassed.
Although the Cabinet dismissed his campaign against drug addiction, the famous dā‘iyah cAmr Khālid leaked news to the press about receiving government patronage, leading the author to think that the dā‘iyah might have sought legitimate coverage for his campaign.
The author says that the well-known dā‘iyah cAmr Khālid seems to have become a money machine for religious TV channel owners, which could affect the da‘wah in a negative way.
Rose al-Yūsuf magazine prepared a comprehensive report about education in Egypt, devoting over 90 pages to this complicated issue. The magazine presented realistic statistics related to education, and gaged the opinions of experts on the matter.
The article reviews a report by Forbes magazine – the Arabic edition – on the wealth of new Islamic preachers.
The article reviews a lecture delivered by a Salafī da‘iyah, Shaykh Muhammad Hassān in which he considered football as a Jewish conspiracy to distract Muslims from the Palestinian issue, and that Egyptian celebrations for the trophy of their national team of the African cup of nation is harām.


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