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Hard-line preacher Wajdī Ghunaym accused liberals and seculars of being “infidels” and called for the enforcement of the riddah (punishment for apostasy in Islam) code on them.
An article appeared in al- Sabāh, accusing Wagdī Ghunīm, a Salafī Shaykh, who is a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood of being funded by Qatar (Shaykh Wagdī Ghunīm recently appeared on social media sitting at large banquets in what is to be believed a Qatarī palace).
On various jihadist websites, an official statement was published announcing a rapprochement between al-Qā’idah and ISIS, which until recently fought each other in Syria. 
Firebrand preacher Wajdī Ghunaym lashed out at the opponents of President Muhammad Mursī, dubbing them as "rats and cockroaches that live in infamy and dirt". "Those who are called the elite are nothing but like barking dogs and know nothing about democracy or that parties may be legitimately...
Wajdi Ghunaym, the Alexandrian Muslim Brotherhood dā`iah who has escaped to Turkey, is still a source of fatwas for a large number of terrorist organizations, especially the ones emerging from the Muslim Brotherhood, such as Ḥasm and Luwā’ al-Thawrah who recognize him as their Mufti to whom they...
The Arab countries, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrayn, and Egypt have issued a joint statement on Friday morning, naming 59 people and twelve entities, 26 of them Egyptian, accused of terror actions. The statement included a list of wanted people, among them was Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī, who...
On Tuesday, Cairo’s Criminal Court postponed the trial of the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and 738 others in the Rabʿa Dispersal case until a hearing on January 17.
MEMRI provided a clip of Muslim preacher, Shaykh Wajdī Ghunaym (Wagdy Ghoneim) speaking about the death of Coptic Orthodox Pope Shenouda III, cursing him and wishing him to burn in hell. Read MEMRI article here  
Egypt is divided into two camps: the first one is headed by Shaykh Wajdī Ghunaym, who aspires to have Egypt as the capital of the so-called United Islamic States, while the second one, led by Maurice Sādiq, calls on the international community to invade Egypt to rescue the Copts.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.


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