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Since it was established, Watanī al-Dawlī has accurately described the Coptic situation in Egypt. In the following lines, Watanī al-Dawlī highlights Copts' role as an integral part of Egypt throughout Egyptian history, and Watanī's role in bringing Coptic issues into the spotlight.
Meinardus, the eminent scholar on Coptic church studies concludes that Mrs. S. Hasan, grand niece of the Egyptian statesman and Prime Minister Rushdi Pasha (1864- 1928), produced an extraordinary and remarkable book in seven chapters on the modern history, sociology, ecclesiology and political...
The article discusses various aspects of Coptic emigrants.
This review tackles the clashes that erupted between Muslims and Copts in a village in al-‘Ayyāt, the Governorate of Gīza, after a group of Copts turned an old house there into a church.
Naguib Mahfouz was dispossessed of a scholarship to France after his graduation because the head of the scholarships department thought that Mahfouz was a Copt. The author believes that this incident is strong evidence of the importance of Copts and the role they played in the modern history of...
What happened lately in Al-Kosheh has shaken the whole Egyptian entity and made everybody worry about the future of Egypt. Very honestly, what happened was the result of the general atmosphere of Egypt lately, which produced a huge amount of violence and hatred.
The author briefly outlines the nationalist cooperation and generally peaceful coexistence of Muslims and Christians in Egypt over the last century. Yet in view of certain repeated accusations of Coptic Christians he asks the questions: Is there a deterioration in the principle of citizenship that...
An article about the role of Copts in the Wafd Party which led the struggle for independence from the British.
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