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German minister of interior delivers a lecture at Cairo University about the significance of interreligious coexistence and the role of religion in society and politics.
A study conducted by the University of Hamburg in Germany has concluded that a serious potential for Islamist radicalization has developed amongst the Muslim community in Germany. Moreover, the lack of integration in society means that many Muslims have started to have a more fundamental religious...
The article reports on a German suggestion to the EU to set specific measures to approve asylum for Christian refugees from Iraq.
The article presents the reactions of Egyptian newspapers to the increasing offensives against the Prophet Muhammad in Western media.
The author believes that the West has been fighting Islam, since September 11, in various ways. Its latest attempt was the foundation of a union for the care of ex-Muslims called the ’Central Council of Ex-Muslims.’
The University of Osnabruek will introduce a new section for Islamic education, for the first time in the history of German universities.
The German politicians and the interior minister are opposed to the Muslim woman’s veil, and support the parliamentary representatives who criticized it.
Egyptian newspapers present mixed reactions to Pope Benedict’s "apology" for comments he made earlier this month on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. In light of the already tense atmosphere in the Muslim world, a Berlin opera company canceled Mozart’s ’Idomeneo’ for fear of protest over...
Germany plans to build up a database about terror suspects so as to be on the defense against potential attacks.
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