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Al-Darbī presents a report on the principles of citizenship in Egypt. She discusses the difficulties, and reports the positive steps taken in this regard. She also reports on the viewpoints of a number of observers and specialists.
Press releases in Egyptian newspapers last week highlighted the repercussions to the conference on citizenship that was organized by the National Council for Human Rights. Many reporters considered the conference to be one of a long queue of intellectual fruitless gatherings.
The author considers the recent rumors that have been circulating about President Mubārak’s health. He questions where the rumors originated, and what may have motivated their circulation.
The article discusses the establishment of a new political party: ‘The Democratic Front Party.’ It represents the opinions of different politicians on the possibility of the party participating in the Egyptian political scene.
Authorities in Egypt have agreed to license a political party named the Democratic Front led by Usāmah al-Ghazūlī, a defector from the ruling National Democratic Party.
A few weeks ago, sectarian strife erupted when some Muslim residents of the village of Bimhā in al-‘Ayyāt...
The article provides an overview of the reconciliation effort in Bimhā, and what the governorate of Giza is doing to assist the victims. The authors criticize the unbalanced compensation and assistance that is being awarded to the individual victims.
‘Ādil Jindī discusses the amendment of article two of the Constitution in Egypt.
The author says that since changing the second article of the Constitution, which acknowledges Islam as the religion of the state and the main source of legislation, has been ruled out, Copts have to accept the fait accompli.
The author pays tribute to Pope Shenouda whose devotion and commitment to Egypt is a well-acknowledged fact.


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