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The writer interviews Pope Shenouda and discusses controversial issues concerning the situation of Palestine, Iraq and its Transitional Ruling Council, and Arab communities in America.
Ismā‘īl Muntasir, the author, comments on a book by the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci entitled "The Force of Reason,” which includes opinions that he believes reflect Fallaci ’s deep grudge against Islam.
The author comments on the plan of the Israeli media to control the American public opinion. She believes that this plan does not only target the American public opinion but the Arab as well. She believes that many Arab media outlets have already started applying some of the points of the Israeli...
The difference between the Israeli and Egyptian press in reporting news related to the Palestinian and Israeli attacks reflect the polarization taking place. A major difference is in reporting and selecting news and quotes. That is most remarkable in the way the Palestinian condemnation of the...
The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) provides free translations of Arabic media but their selection shows a pro-Israeli attitude. A large part of the texts either confirms Israel’s policies or reveals the authors as anti-Israeli extremists who therefore discredit Arabic media.
In al-Musawwar magazine’sinterview with the grand Shaykh of the Azhar, Sayyid Muhammad Ṭanṭāwī, Shaykh Ṭanṭāwī expressed his opinion and attitude on all the issues on the Arab and Islamic scenes.
Angelic Europe - and particularly France - lets itself to be footed by the strategists of radical Islam. An Illustration came last week, with the green light given in Paris by the Higher Council of Audio-visual (CSA) to Al-Manar, the TV chain of Lebanese Hezbollah, to broadcast in France.
MEMRI´s translations show the Arabic media becomes more polarized but MEMRI does not explain the background of this polarization nor compares this with the Hebrew media which is probably not less polarized
Representatives of the revealed religions held their second periodical meeting in London. They praised the Sheikh of the Azhar and the archbishop of England. They considered occupation as the main reason behind all the tragedies that take place in Israel and Palestine.
The article sheds light on the Christian religious map in America. The author believes that the most powerful church in America is the Protestant Church and that some of the many groups belonging to it can play an important role concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Sudanese civil war.


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