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The third laymen conference was supposed to be held at the end of March, 2008. However, it was postponed to an unspecified date. Organizers of the conference attributed the delay to the diversity of conferences that were held recently on the same subject; citizenship rights, and to the busy...
The author criticizes a recent corrupted copy of the Qur’ān that was posted on the official Web site of Father Zakaria Butrus.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
This article sheds light on the conference to be held to bridge the gap between different Christian denominations. The Orthodox Church says it knows nothing about this conference. The conference takes place after a series of disputes between different sects and within the one sect. Therefore it...
The Organization of American Islam Conference opened its branch in Cairo and started its activities by launching a campaign promoting the peaceful call for the freedom of expression.
The board of the Baptist denomination in Egypt released a statement in response to what was published by al-Usbū‘ about Rev. Butrus Faltā’ūs. The board disavowed the decisions of Rev. Faltā’ūs, claiming that he currently has no relation whatsoever with the Baptist Church.
The Baptist Church is facing difficulties in obtaining authorization to establish houses of worship. The author attributes the difficulties to its split from the Community Council of the Evangelical Church, the only Protestant body recognized by the Egyptian government, and to its suspicious...
The issue of Coptic persecution in Egypt was at the heart of a conference held to discuss the problems of citizenship entitled, ‘Problems in the Concept of Citizenship.’ The conference focused more on alleged Coptic persecution than social issues that affect both Muslims and Christians alike.
The Coptic Group for Church Reform is the signature that recently appeared in an announcement distributed in churches and on Web sites. The real identity of the group is as of yet unknown, providing an opportunity for rumors to spread. All the group pamphlets are opposed to Bishop Bīshūy.
A draft document was issued by a number of Coptic thinkers. The main issues therein were Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, the increasing sectarian tension, and the possible means of escaping the crisis. The final version of the document will be issued soon.


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