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When the month of Ramadan comes, it stirs an energy of faith and a spiritual life in one billion Muslims who are our brothers in humanity.
As part of the continuous effort at the popular level in Egypt to support a Muslim-Christian dialogue, a symposium was held by a religious society last week.
The participants in a symposium titled ’The Future of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue’, organized by the Religious Brotherhood Group, called for resisting the influx of immorality and atheism coming from the West.
Muslims and Christians must face this changing world where morals are disappearing, and the value of the human being and the value of life is reduced.
Drs. Hulsman writes a special report about his investigation of el-Kashh incidents in August, where some Christians where killed.t 1,000 Christians in the small town of el-Kosheh," police behavior and mistakes in foreign reports about al-Kosheh. The report contains an evaluation explaining how the...
[and Al-Ahrar, August 10, 1998] Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies issues its second ’Report on the Religious Situation in Egypt’.
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said in a speech that all those who hold the Egyptian nationality are equal in rights and duties.
On the 17th of July Al-Azhar will receive a delegation from the Vatican, in the first meeting between the two sides after the signing of the dialogue document between them last week.
Anis Mansour, a famous Muslim columnist, writes in fascination about his friend Bishop Dr. Yohanna Kolta of the Coptic Catholic Church.
The article rejects the Freedom of Religious Persecution Act and speaks about "the arrows of conspiracy" and "the heretical talk of the ill-intending." The Egyptian Copts have directed a hard blow to the faces of the Americans and the emigrant Copts who have filled the world with stories about the...


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