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This book was first published in 2012 by CIDT in Arabic.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman stresses the danger of ignorant media reporting, and the damage that inaccurate fact-checking can cause. He provides a number of examples from various intellectuals, commenting on stories that have been sensationalized in the media, and the negative effects this reporting had...
Difficulty to obtain written and well argumented responses in Egypt to biased texts published in the West.
An introduction to Dr. ‘Abd al-Mu‘tī Bayyoumī’s response to the 30 questions Drs. Cornelis Hulsman sent him concerning the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
A list of the questions submitted to Egyptians, concerning the article, written by Yustina Saleh on the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
A critique of the controversial work of researcher Yustina Saleh on the 2nd article of the Egyptian constitution, which states that sharī‘a is the main source of law.
In her research on the second article of the Egyptian constitution, researcher Yustina Saleh argues that this article contradicts other articles guaranteeing equal opportunities and rights to all Egyptians.
Comments from Arab media about the Danish cartoons and responses of a Danish journalist. Comment on Influential publications in the West that have frequently presented much comment and analysis positing a lack of protection of freedom of belief in Egypt.
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