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Sidhom discusses a draft personal status law that the church presented to the Minister of Justice and laments the fact that executive and legislative authorities procrastinate so much when it comes to Christian or Coptic concerns.
The Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt issued a controversial ruling that guarantees Christian divorcees the right to a second marriage. The Coptic Orthodox Church rejects the ruling and declares that there is no authority on Earth that can oblige the church to go against their conscience....
The article discusses a dispute between inhabitants of two hamlets and a local landowner over the course of a water pipeline.
The author comments on two recent court rulings concerning freedom of belief. One concerns Christians who converted to Islam and then back to Christianity and the other gives Bahā’īs the right to leave the religion box empty on ID cards.
The article describes al-Rihab, a satellite town in New Cairo. The author was angered to discover that there are plans to built a gas station next to a power plant and believes that actions should be taken to stop the gas station from going ahead.
A university student suffered when he was caught up in a dispute between two university faculty members.
The article discusses the flaws in the education system in Egypt. The author believes that concerns about education are divided into two camps; those that are worried about the physical and logistical aspects of the problem and those that are more worried about the educational process. The author...
The article reports on the statements of the participants of a seminar organized by Watanī salon along with the Committee of Freedoms at the Journalists’ Syndicate to discuss the possible means of activating the recommendations of the citizenship conference that was organized by the National...
The author attacks a satellite TV channel MTA, saying it aims at distorting the principles of Islam.
The article discusses the two year old case of a student at Minya University who was discriminated against and the university did nothing to resolve the issue. In an unprecedented move the head of department then handed in his resignation as a sign of his outrage toward the university.


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