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A student who graduated from Assiut University in 2006 hoped to be offered a permanent position at the university but the university decided not to appoint him. Moreover, when he applied to do a PhD he was told that he had been rejected because there were not enough supervisors. The author of the...
Pope Shenouda III has reportedly urged Copts to participate in politics and announced that the church is reconsidering the bylaw on nominating for the patriarch post.
Pope Shenouda is a charismatic character who has always had outspoken stances on national and international causes. With his high sense of patriotism, Pope Shenouda III has become a distinctive feature in the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
The author discusses the problem of Coptic feasts clashing with the dates of academic examinations.
The article discusses the heated issue of Coptic feasts, and if Copts are entitled to paid leave to honor these celebrations.
The first conference of the Middle East Freedoms Forum was held in Cairo under the title: “Where is Egypt heading?” The following lines present information about the participants and the main subjects that were discussed during the conference.
The article discusses the Egyptian Declaration of Citizenship Rights and highlights the new draft law for houses of worship that the author hopes will reach parliament.
The article discusses the General Citizenship Conference, and the resulting Egyptian Declaration of Citizenship.
The General Citizenship Conference was held on November 25, 2007 and was sponsored by the National Council for Human Rights. The Egyptian press covered the incident from different viewpoints.
The author discusses a dispute between 29 Coptic families who were evicted from their land under the premise that it was state owned, and presents the opinion of the region’s governor on the issue, as well as Watani International’s critique of the way in which the dispute is being handled.


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