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The draft law for a unified houses of worship law has sat in parliament for the last four years but has never been discussed. In 2008, Watanī newspaper itself launched a campaign calling for the law to be effectuated, as part of the campaign Watanī asked a number of MPs for their opinion on the...
Sidhum continues his series of articles reviewing the grievances ofCopts in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Minya. In this article he focuses on the problems that Christians face when trying to build houses. Sidhum argues that any house built by a Copt comes under suspicion because the...
Pegged to the Deir Abu-Hennes affair Youssef Sidhom writes about arbitrary changing of names in Egypt.
Sidhum writes about Obama’s speech in Cairo and the massive media coverage of the speech but believes that even though Obama is a new character on the scene it is still the old American interests that will continue to govern the new American policy.
Yūsuf Sidhum enjoys his holiday in Germany, where he finds urban planning and especially location of schools, infinitely superior to the situation in Egypt.
Sidhum reflects on the bombings that took place at al-Zaytun last week.
In his editorial Sidhum again refers to President Mubārak’s Easter message to Copts. Sidhum comments on the discrimination that exists against Copts in Egypt and mentions the lack of Copts in significant government positions.
Professor Harald Suermann visited the CIDT office and delivered a lecture about Christian attitudes toward Muslims during the Umayad era. An article also reflects on a Gallup poll that states that Egypt is the most religious country in the world.
Watani International defends Mubārak’s stance toward Gaza and criticizes the Arab politicians that have verbally attacked Egypt. He extols Mubārak’s wisdom in not responding to these verbal attacks but calls on Egyptians to realize that Hamās is completely to blame for the situation in Gaza.
Sidhum writes about the apparent government avoidance of a bill for the unified law for building places of worship and different viewpoints on this issue.


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