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The author presents an appeal for the upcoming convention on citizenship rights, urging that the Church of Mar-Girgis, and its arduous struggle with obtaining registration, be recognized.
The article discusses the upcoming conference on citizenship rights in Cairo, arranged by the National Council for Human Rights.
The author discusses political reform in Egypt, and questions if it is even possible with the monopoly that the current ruling party enjoys in the political realm.
The author discusses a television program entitled, ‘King Farouk – Egypt’s last king,’ and the image of the monarchy as being inductive to driving Egypt toward development and pluralism.
The author discusses the tradition of Ramaḍān Ifṭār banquets, and the “rosy picture” that they present of Muslim-Christian relations.
The article discusses a dispute between a church and a mosque over a plot of land, and to whom it legally belonged.
The article discusses the case of a church in Assuit, Upper Egypt, which was granted a license to renovate the church, but is encountering problems with security in implementing the approved renovations.
The article discusses the story of an Egyptian woman who filed a police report against two of her Saudi Arabian neighbors after they attacked her and her family. Subsequently, the woman discovered that the police were very reluctant to take any action against the women.
The Egyptian press is still focusing on the case of the four editors-in-chief who were sentenced to jail for spreading rumors and false information about President Mubārak’s health condition. While some observers denounce the jail penalty, others believe that journalists who do not adhere to the...
The author discusses the indignities that Egyptians living abroad in Arab countries are often subjected to, and questions why the Egyptian authorities do not challenge these occurrences, yet rush to raise their voices about trivial matters.


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