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The review covers comments on the Brotherhood?s annual Iftar celebration, the funeral of its general guide, the history of the group and the conflicts among the brothers over the position of the general guide.
Judiciary independence and national pride are dominating the Egyptian reactions to the US threat to cut aid to Egypt on protest to the seven-year imprisonment sentence given to Saad Eddin Ibrahim. Ibrahim’s American wife says that the crisis will be solved in Egypt without American pressure.
The article outlines the confessions of the terrorists who were accused in the case of those "Returning from Afghanistan and Albania." The confessions uncover the methods of recruitment and the planning of terrorist operations. Some of the terrorists were convinced of the concept of jihad against...
In this article lawyer Montasser Al-Zayyat, the lawyer of the Gama’at Al-Islamiya, recounts the story of the Jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan up to the terrorist’s operations, which were aimed against the people in charge and affecting the economy and security of Egypt.
Montasser Al-Zayyat said that the the real aim of his book “Al-Zawahri as I knew him” is to shed light on how the Gama´at Al-Islamiya started to reconsider its mechanisms. Al-Zayyat tackles the character of Ayman Al-Zawahri from many angles. He first speaks about his childhood and how he was...
Al-‘Iryān states that he is confident about relations between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government during the coming years.
The Syndicate of Journalists held its fourth conference under the title “Toward real reform for journalists and journalism.” President Mubarak has called for scrapping of prison sentences in publishing cases. This reflects a real victory for journalists.
Montasser Al-Zayat mentioned that Ayman Al-Zawahri and Usama bin Laden would commit suicide, if they felt that they would be arrested. He stresses that they have the shari’a-related sources that justify committing suicide in the case of fear of being captured and facing pressures to divulge...
The lawyer Montasser Al- Zayat is defending himself in this interview. He said that he is the lawyer of the Islamic groups, but this does not mean that he cooperates with them or approves everything they do.
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