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Nādir interviews Father Mīnā Zarīf of the Virgin Church in ‘Umrāniyyah who has been put in charge of the ‘Umrāniyyah riots file. Zarīf says that he is disappointed in the media for spreading false rumors that the delegation led by Bishop Theodosius “apologized” on behalf of the Church to the...
The article discusses a recent crime in Cairo where a Coptic jewellery shop owner and three employees were shot dead outside the shop. As of yet, police remain unsure of the suspects involved in the crime.
The article presents celebrations of the Copts of Egypt on Easter.
A conflict arose between the priest of Marina Church and the governor of the Marsá Matrūḥ governorate when the governorate sold a piece of land that belonged to the church to two other institutions. The church complained to the president of the state and the head of the president’s cabinet...
The committee supervising the presidential election - the first of its kind since the regime took over in Egypt on July 23, 1952 – has announced that they will start receiving applications for nominations for the presidential post on July 24.
A number of Catholic and Orthodox church leaders have sent letters to leaders of the NDP recommending Marqus Ishāq Nakhlah as an NDP candidate for the Sh?rá Council in Cairo’s eastern constituency.
The author pursues his lastest report on the defenders of the minister of culture and regarded them as autocrats who despise the public opinion.
The current crisis of the frozen opposition party, al-Amal (Labour), entered a new stage after the revocation, by the administrative supreme court, of the ban imposed by the parliamentary committee of parties. There is a high expectation of a revival of the same party.
An investigative report into the arrest of seven young men in the al-Marj district and the demonstrations that followed.


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