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Islamophobia literally means an exaggerated or irrational fear of Islam. In current times, Islamophobia is on the rise worldwide.
Nāhid al-Nabrāwī spots the reasons behind the backwardness of Islamic preaching in the West, and the criteria for presentable Islamic preachers in Western countries.
Dr. Zaki Badawi, the advisor of Britain´s crown prince on Islamic issues, says that the hijab is not an obligation and that Muslims are responsible for the fact that westerners do not sympathize with the Palestinian issue. He comments on other aspects of the relation between Arabs and the West...
Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have made a short visit to Egypt, but controversy has surrounded the decision to grant the Prince an honorary doctorate from the Azhar University.
Amidst a wave of racially-motivated attacks against Muslims in the wake of the London bombings, Dr. Zakī Badawī, principal of the Muslim College in London has advised Muslim women to stop wearing the hijāb.
After the London bombings, problems have increased for Muslims in Europe. As a result, religious scholars have issue fatwas that rescind Islamic practices, such as the veiling of women, in order to bridge the divide between European and Islamic societies.
The U.S. Embassy in London has delivered an official apology to Dr. Zakī Badawī, principal of the Muslim College in London and adviser [on Islam] to Prince Charles, for denying him entry to the United States last week.
Dr. Rowan Williams, the Church of England’s Archbishop of Canterbury warned that Muslims will become the scapegoat for the London bombings which have been claimed by al-Qā‘ida. Muslims and mosques in Britain have suffered assaults.
The Grand Imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī, has warmly welcomed Prince Charles’s upcoming visit to the Azhar.
Interview with Islamic scholar, Dr. Zakī Badawī, a well-known voice for Islamic moderation and tolerance.


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