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The 2008 U.S International Religious Freedom Report released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in the U.S stole the limelight in the Egyptian press. Observers criticized the report for being weak and a sign of the United States’ interference in other nations’ affairs while it...
The author comments on the subject of a syndicate for Coptic priests as well as on a collection of short stories entitled ’cAyb ihnā fī Kanīsah’ [Shame! We are in a church] by Robert al-Fāris.
The article presents different views around the issue of holding a psycho- analytical test for people who want to become priests.
Hibah Bayyūmī interviews Sally al -Sa‘īdī, the first female judge in Egypt.
Akhir Sā‘ah reports about the recent fatwá concerning divorce in Islam.
The article reviews the ideological history of the Muslim Brotherhood and their previous tensions with the ruling regime in Egypt.
Munīr Fakhrī ‘Abd Al-Nūr talks about the effects of the global financial crisis on the Egyptian economy, political and party work in Egypt and Coptic issues.
Midhat Bishāy writes about the management of religious institutions.
The article shows the different opinions of Coptic orthodox clergymen and other laymen thinkers on linking getting an electoral card and completing marriage documents.
The Coptic Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas according to the Julian calendar on January 7. In this time of the year the Christmas and other Christian subjects steal the press limelight press as numerous reports appear on Christmas celebrations. The Israeli attacks against Gaza this year have...


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