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Muhammad ‘Azīzīyah's movie depicting Jesus Christ from a Muslim point of view is the subject of heated discussions in different churches. While the Coptic Orthodox Church threatens to resort to the judiciary, ‘Azīzīyah insists on making his movie even if he is obliged to film it in a secular...
Walīd Fā’iq and ‘Amr Farūq report on different opinions regarding the strong belief in superstitions in Egypt.
Muhammad Nūr reports on the different opinions of Muslim scholars concerning the recent fatwá of Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī regarding prayer times.
Ahmad al-S‘dāwī reviews the book written by Bishop Andrāus ‘Azīz Sulaymān.
The article reports on the participation of the banned Muslim Brotherhood in the so-called May 4 general strike.
Hasan ‘Allām comments on the recent meetings between the Islamic preacher, Dr. Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī, and rabbis.
Ākhir Sā‘ah reports about the Suzanna Winter issue concerning attacking Islam and insulting the Prophet Muhammad.
Midhat Bishāī reflects on the conditions of the Christian society in Egypt.
The article reports on the Muslim Brotherhood recent decision on the participation in the forthcoming general strike on May 4.
The article shows extracts from sayings of some members of the Coptic Laymen Group.
Coptic researcher Nabīl Munīr comments on the recent withdrawal of two founding members of the Coptic Laymen Group from the group.
The article reviews recent sentences that key members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood movement have received that reflect the ongoing security drive over the group.
The Egyptian press continues to concentrate on the current controversy surrounding the second marriage of Coptic divorcees and the Supreme Administrative Court’s ruling in this regard that obliges Pope Shenouda III to give Coptic divorcees who have obtained a divorce by a court ruling permission to...
The Abū Fānā ordeal continues to steal the limelight in the press. Some newspapers try to provide plans and documents related to the issue. From his residence in the United States, Pope Shenouda III called to postpone the negotiations until all culprits in the attacks against the monks are captured...
Ahmad al-Sa‘dāwī writes about a division in the members of the Coptic laymen group.
The author interviews the under-secretary of the People’s Assembly Dr. Zaynab Radwān on her recent call for a legislation to make the testimony of men and women equal.
In the aftermath of the attacks against the Abū Fānā Monastery, the governor of Minia headed a committee that drafted decisions that do not appear favorable for the church. From his residency in Cleveland in the U.S., Pope Shenouda III declared the relations between the bishopric in Mallawī and the...
While the uproar in the wake of the first attack against the Abū Fānā monastery continues, monks were again attacked and stoned by people from the tribal communities. Heated discussions and debates on the issue are still being reported in the media. Muslims accuse the monks of killing a young man...
Sūfī leaders in Egypt have debated a U.S. conference on international Sūfism, fearing it might lead to the spread of the Shī‘ī creed in the country.
The article reports on the abandonment of both Hānī Labīb and Kamāl Ghubriyāl from the team of Coptic laymen.
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