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Ākhir Sā‘ah interviews Butrus Ghālī, head of the National Council for Human Rights [www.nchr.org.eg/en/home.asp]. He gives his views with regard to sectarian tension in Egypt, America’s pressures for spreading democracy, the situation in Iraq, the United Nations role and the Israeli-Palestinian...
Ākhir Sā‘ah interviews Butrus Ghali, head of the National Council for Human Rights [www.nchr.org.eg/en/home.asp]. He speaks about human rights in Egypt.
Muhammad Nūr writes about the most controversial fatwás issued in 2008
Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt are frequently in the press. This article comments on a statement released by an Islamic group citing an initiative to stop violence.
Hi-tech has had its effects on religion. Recently questions have risen about the authenticity of confessions over the telephone or the Internet. While some people think that confession should only take place face to face with the priest, others accept using modern communication technology in...
Labīb reviews a book that he considers to be a blatant compulsion of Christianity. He criticizes distributing such ideas and warns of the potential negative consequences on national unity in Egypt.
In this article the author discusses the repeated scenario of sectarian incidents in the light of the recent incident in ‘Īn Shams.
Lamyā’ Mukhtār reviews a book about policies and minorities in the Near East.
Muhammad Nūr interviews Father Salīb Mattá Sawīris.
During its last visit to Egypt, a European Parliament delegation was highly criticized for its passive stance against all the violations and discriminations which emigrant Muslims suffer from in different European countries.


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