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Deacon Midhat Mahrūs responds to the article published in Akhir Sā‘ah dated August 12, 2009 regarding the decision to defrock Father Paula Fu’ād of al-Balyanā, Sohag.
Qā‘ūd reports on the expansion of the Muslim population in Europe and how this threatens Christianity and European culture.
The author reviews a book by Coptic thinker Nabīl Lūqā Bibāwī about the Islamic conquest of Egypt and Copts. The book provides historical information about Copts’ conditions at that time and asserts that Copts helped the Islamic army to get rid of the Roman tyranny.
The author reports the issue of defrocking Priest Bula Fū’ād, priest of St. Dimyānah Church in Banī Mansūr, al-Balyanā, Sūhāj, as the church circles view.
Akhir Sā‘ah interviews Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah, Egyptian muftī.
An interview with Dr. Tharwat Bāsīlī, the famous Coptic businessman and secretary of the Community Council.
Many church-related articles have been published in the Egyptian press on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of Pope Shenouda being the patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church. In a related topic Pope Shenouda denied reported news about the amendments to the Coptic Orthodox set of regulations for...
Marwá al-Shirbīnī was killed in Germany, earning the title “Martyr of hijāb” in Egypt. The Egyptian press highlighted the public uproar and the German official stance.
Report on religion as a media moneymaker
The article deals with the persecution of the Muslim Uighur minority in the Xinjiang region in China.


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