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Pope Shenouda has prepared a unified personal affairs law for the non- Muslims. This project included many principles and public rules such as the commitment with the laws of each church and not allowing the married couple to divorce, but to be separated from each other.
Egypt has known the celebration of the religious Christian and Islamic festivities since the beginning of the Fatimid age. The Fatimids were interested in celebrating many Coptic festivities like Christmas and Easter.
Around 2000 years ago the Holy Family fled to seek refuge in Egypt fearing persecution from the Roman Emperor. The Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and Joseph fled from Palestine, trekked through the Sinai desert until they reached the Nile Delta.
The sheikh al-Azhar left his Ramadan-breakfast with Pope Shenouda and went to father Paulis Basseli or ’father Paulis’ as he is called by our brothers, Christians and Muslims of Shubra, and the members of the ’Coptic Karama’ Society which he has established and heads.
Interview with Drs. Kees Hulsman, the first correspondent to visit el-Koshh. The interview focused on the Sunday Telegraph, earlier sensational reporting on Egypt by a co-production of channel four and Dutch TV (Evangelical Broadcasting Company), what had happened in el-Koshh and the role of human...
Author: Mahmoud Salah The media frenzy has been sparked by an article written in the Sunday Telegraph by Ms. Christina Lamb. And although Cairo hosts more than 600 foreign correspondents, none of them wrote a word in this respect. Several foreign correspondents and others are mentioned including Mr...


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