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The tragic incidents of Al-Koshh prove that the local departments and the security forces failed in controlling the situation in the village.
During the celebrations of the new millennium, the extremists turned on the riot fire in Al-Koshh and they tried to transfer the flames to the whole country. The great surprise is that 15 strangers started the shooting in Al-Koshh. When these strangers saw the police they ran away.
An attempt to raise a riot in Ismailia failed because the wise men responded to rumors which began to spread in the city. The rumor stated that a bloody fight took place between the Christians and Muslims in the principal city market last Friday morning. This happened when one of the merchants...
On January 7th, the Christians celebrated the holy Christmas and on January 8th, the Muslims celebrated a holy Lesser Bairam. During these hours and feasts, the wise men of the country were trying to collect the people and solve their problems, instead of leaving the fire turned on. The Christians...
The reactions of the "Gama’at al-Islamiya" on the death of terrorist Farid Kedwany and his three assistants by security forces in Omrania are still flowing. There are fear Gama’at violence might return.
Dr. Selim Naguib, president of the Canadian Coptic Federation, sent this letter to President Mubarak to congratulate him with his survival of an attack on his life. Ramzy Zaklama comments on the importance of the letter for the RNSAW.
The death of Father Ibrahim Abdel Sayyed has raised a lot of disputes, especially over the refusal of the Orthodox Church to pray over his body.
Egyptian security forces succeeded in finding the hideouts of four terrorists in Al-Omraniyya in Giza. The gunfight which followed ended with the death of the four terrorists, notable among whom was the famous terrorist leader Farid Kidwani.
Mustafa Mashhour, the general guide for the Muslim Brothers, declared that the Islamic country under the leadership of the Muslim Brothers will be established in the year 2028.
A priest in al-Mahalla al-Kubra was attacked by an unknown person who stabbed him with a knife in different parts of his body. The priest was taken to the hospital. Before the priest went into a coma, he described the criminal.


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